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Art of Poetry
I walked up to the piney, reached at the clauses;
into the poem…
The paper moaned, one other leaf went rot;
into the poem…
I looked at you, you became the rain to drop;
into the poem…
It was as if the words whispered, I thought the wind entered;
into the poem…
Just then I picked up pebbles, put them;
into the poem…
The notions chilled, I fanned the fire;
into the poem…
I walked up to the mountain, stood at dreams;
into the poem…
The day’s over, who cares! I wrote as true;
Into the poem…
The young woman dusted, an idle melody oozed;
into the poem…
Self broken the heart is, who’d say;
Into the poem…
The man stood at the shade, the goer delayed;
Into the poem…
The moor was far away already, the child went silent;
Into the poem…
I laid down reeds, a lake;
Into the poem…
That taboo grammar, those bookless days;
Into the poem…
A deer in flames, me ashamed of you;
Into the poem…
Not fire, insanity this is, dead poets;
Into the poem…
I transformed, into me;
Into the poem…
In to me I got through nothingness;
Into the poem…
(Translated by Kahraman Türel Uluocak)
Romances of Mikado
The river that separates us - can go dry!
Pull me apart, from this desperate game,
the brotherhood of white and black,
can turn into love; love is white – drinkable,
a sip is your cheek, white is far away – to go;
hug me at where I come back!
The river that separates us - can go dry!
Would you be my moss? My tears; suddenly and magic.
Brotherhood of colorlessness may be assumed to be love;
I was black -  absorbed I was, a station, a rover with no luggage,
black is close – erasable; I would die – but I can’t;
once more! once more! once more!
Send me away to the mountains!
The river that separates us - can go dry!
Take away the spike stuck in your heart; take it away,
take it and all can turn upside down!
Fades away the pyrexia and arises the death -
how can a poem write itself, when words not allow?
I’ll shine the moon on you, you make me wear out myself
I - write; it gets erased.
The river that separates us - can go dry!
How rude the moment, you are so much the sea
– like the the sea shells we are,
the sound that no one hears; the two of us.
The smell of my voice, snow; incomprehensible unless the poem is written
You are my wineglass; I drink - finished as began.
Everything can be abandoned in a Chinese fairy tale.
The river that separates us - can go dry!
City, the ghost; only the written words can understand us;
As I happen to write – child inside me gets erased, the rhyme gets defeated.
If I do not tell you; how can this dead body be found?
- tired from finishing and finishing is less than to begin
- that lie is a stair, walked down when not climbed.
The river that separates us - can go dry!
The mountain can comprehend itself; like a poem.
I was hopeless; I forgot, the poem knows
- the color given to the paper is not visible;
love is good in your house; goodness may abandon you too!
The poem that separates us - can go dry!
(Translated by Kahraman Türel Uluocak)
There are some things inside no’thing;
what ever is inside that bonded wall, may be,
cement, non-tooled pebbles,
strong and silent, a lead for the wizard, may be,
for the words to march on to the poem…
There are some things inside no’thing;
what ever is inside a swam river, may be,
the gabby reeds, the sleepy narcissus and her mirror
of the gone afterglows, a fish without white, may be,
for the words to smoke into the poem…
There are some things inside no’thing;
whatever is along the lane covered in bushes, may be,
prickly and in dust, rotten maypops,
medlars, withering blackberries, may be,
for words to bleed into the poem…
There are some things inside no’thing;
whatever is at somebody loading the gun, may be,
at the village or the city, at the prairie of our minds,
bluff and swarthy, you are yet the mountains climbed, no tomorrows.
Hush you poet, the poem is cramped after all…
(Translated by Kahraman Türel Uluocak)
Summer Over
The barbecue dampen with water
Still is smoking
Charcoals are wet
Inside the pool
Clinging a couple of dry leaves
Like scattering ghosts
Struggling to get through the labyrinth
As dashed on the walls
A dog’s barking
“Is there anything called far?” asking
Never had moved away from it’s earth
The slippers are sticky walking on the balcony
The smell of September is brewing gently,
“One’s craving for September is also brewing,” says the Sultan.
We shut up.
So the leaves…
(Translated by Kahraman Türel Uluocak)
An Evening That Doesn't Exist
I'm in the garden, when, without a spinning wheel
I took time out of the wells.
I stood on dry branches
The street I come from is another sea of sky.
I'm shaded by the sun, a shady tree.
Seasonal festivities, windy,
I slept, I woke up, I dreamed. It is infinite
I looked at the day and night history. It's scary
Dead dead bird watching the eye
It was like I faded as a whole,
I lived again with a handful of lights.
O poetry, mirror, uphill,
Calligraphy on my face. The stone I put, with my voice
I'm walking away with an evening that doesn't exist.
(Translated by Koray Feyiz)
Sad A Face
I'm tired of my fears again, I have ash in my pocket.
Tafflan and bird, separation season
Opened to the sea, does not look deserted
Lie! Delete all pages from my name!
Forget me! Be spoken, be the language,
Break the big wall and leave the world.
Ah, disbelief! Clutch in autumn,
In this game I'll do it without myself!
Which face did I choose for myself?
What polluted sky,
First, give me your scents, then worry!
Save my dead, this love will end!
Filter me with sieves, no sign,
Pull the trigger! Be torn and raise my voice!
(Translated by Koray Feyiz)
The Island
I know that the birds have passed, motionless,
Over the chimneys and whitening
She looks through this old window,
I turn around, my palms are still in the sea.
The dream of perching in the wind, the sound of the plane sycamore,
Heat-smelling houses, in the sky with summer cloud,
Tired green vine. At the threshold
A boy at the street with a gull-eyed gull.
I hear, boats pass from afar, poor, who
Wrapped in sadness loaded mirrors, I know!
Softly stretching cat, shadow, falling yard
Dirty evening, spilled plaster of the houses!
This sky is elongated that faces this climate,
I'm an old candidate, maybe my voice is running out!
(Translated by Koray Feyiz)
The raw sound of the sea
Candlelight, I ran off my sleep.
Words, those words
Poetry, don't hear.
O bright gardens
This is my color, my story!
These first summer evenings
That blue, my folk song!
Day by day
No childhood, sadness.
I'm a shadow now
This is infinite.
(Translated by Koray Feyiz)
As Last As First!
I'm running the rotten sun in my mouth.
Nobody knows,
Infinity, Circulating with Blue,
Sadness, it's time, no sand in your watch!
I forgot something, memories
Such a tired, daytime, with a trembling mirror
A mortal sea in my hand
Tell me about my childhood, the ship that died.
It's like my first wet in the rain.
Who knows when I woke up, old
I met him on the street, the night I lost.
My memory swings like trees.
I thought the climate hadn't disappeared
and the birds had gone away in the afternoons.
I woke up with my voice, as last as first!
(Translated by Koray Feyiz)
An Old Way
O Language, the blue of those dark rooms,
Tell me, my voice will be heard in the rain,
Mixed blood, gray sky, O seasons,
The fairytale river I bathed at night.
The sea is just an old voice, I know.
He's been a bird ever since,
Run in the woods, mystery, window in the sky:
Cloud! I stopped at the infinity gate. I heard
Behind me, windy, a bird doesn't fly
I'm in space, in deserted bays,
Watch that dead scorpion, O direction, O star!
I've always been alone and quiet
Days of history, one by one
O Language, shake me in the cradle of poetry, eternal.
(Translated by Koray Feyiz)


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